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BSFA League News 


 Ysgol Bro Ogwr beat Betws 3-0.

Litchard drew with Betws 1-1.

Betws beat Pen y Fai 4-0.



 St Johns drew with Tremains 2-2.


Nottage beat Pil 4-1.



Nottage beat Maes Y Haul 5-0.


Betws beat Afon Y Felin 5-1.



Maes Yr Haul beat St Johns 5-2.



Nottage drew with Pencoed 1-1 in a great game.  Both goals scored by Kieran Tantum (Nottage) and Connor Lake (Pencoed) were amazing finishen and gave the goalkeepers no chance.  



Pencoed beat St Johns 5-2 in a very even game.  Both goalkeepers were fantastic.



Nantyffyllon beat Afon Yr Felin 6 - 0.



Maes Yr Haul beat St John's 5-3.



Nottage beat St John's 6-2.



As some teams have been on the end of some heavy results this season we would like to remind all of our affiliated schools that there is a 6-0 rule.  If a team is beating another team by 6-0 or by 6 clear goals, the game is completed.  For morale of the smaller schools we do not want teams to be beaten by a margin bigger than this.  If you are finding you are winning games by this margin please follow the steps given below: -

1.      substitute stronger players with your weaker players

2.      play with less players (take 1 player off at a time) if the score is starting to increase dramatically

3.      give your team an individual target, e.g. 6 passes before you can shoot or 1 touch to score.

If you can think up any other rules to make the games more competitive please use your professional judgement.  Obviously put players back on if the results are getting to close.

Real example from this season

Pencoed played Bro Ogwr on Thursday 8th November.  Pencoed knew Bro Ogwr were a new team as they had only just started playing football in their school and had been on the end of a heavy score line against Nottage (Nottage were very fair and made every opportunity to make it competitive).  Pencoed decided to take a Year 5 team (B team) to give them exposure to league football and they knew they would produce a much more competitive game against Bro Ogwr (mixed girls and boys in years 5 and 6).  The game finished 6-3 to Pencoed and teachers from both school felt this was a much better experience for all the children involved.

Don’t be afraid to speak to other teachers from the team you are playing to gain an insight to how good their team is.  Most teachers will be very honest.  There is no harm in winning the games, but it’s just the margin.

Thank you for your support and I hope we have some close encounters over the coming season.



Pencoed beat Bro Ogwr in a very good game, 6-3.  Bro Ogwr lead in the game twice before Pencoed grabbed a few goals.  Both schools played with superb sportsmanship and it was nice to see Bro Ogwr bring out their fans from other classes.



Maes Y Haul keep up their winning run by beating Afon Y Felin 12-0.  Afon Y Felin are a newly established team this year and will be hoping to score a few more goals in their next game.



Maes Y Haul beat Bettws 7-1 in a goal fest.



Llangewydd beat Tremains 2-0 today.  Great game by all accounts.



Nottage beat Bro Ogwr today 9-0.  Nottage are very strong this year.  I wonder if they will be near the top this season.  Bro Ogwr played well in patches and I am sure they will be stronger once they have played a few more games.  

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